Services included in the Onboarding package are guaranteed as part of your package with Thrive. Redeeming these services will not result in a deduction of tokens from your account. A brief description of each service is available below. For additional information please contact

Onboarding Meeting - Meet individually with a Thrive Client Services team member who will discuss your career goals with you, and make service recommendations to match. This meeting is delivered virtually.

Resume Review and Feedback - As part of your package with Thrive you are entitled to one resume review with written feedback. To redeem this service please send your resume to

CareerJSM Subscription (12 Months) - CareerJSM is the software platform provider of Thrive. This item in the Onboarding Package gives you a guaranteed 12 months of access to the Thrive portal.

Learning Centre Content - You can access the Learning Centre at any time from inside the portal by clicking the "Learning" tab from the menu on the left side of the page. The 7 course, 20 Lesson, program is designed to help you develop your strategic advantage and become market ready with practical advice that will help you manage your career change. Relevant worksheets and additional resources are attached within each lesson under the title "Resources."

Access your Onboarding Package by visiting the portal here.