Labour Market Insights (LMI) represents data pulled from several different sources to help You can watch for trends and changes and identify jobs in demand in different geographic locations across Canada. 

Based on your current location, a default city or location is populated based on the job selected using Career Path Explorer. With LMI, you can see localized data for the: 

  • The Top 5 Related Job Titles in demand in your area with overlapping Key Skills
  • Who’s hiring - view job postings from companies hiring in your area
  • Median Salary - see what the expected salary would be in this career path
  • Job Demand and Job Postings - watch these statistics to see trends for jobs in demand in your career path 

What is referred to by "Nearby Area"?

By searching for a different location, you can see the same information for a different region (in Canada). By toggling between the city and the Nearby Area (or ~100km), you can see differences in job availability, demand and the top 5 job titles for each area. The Nearby Area displays data from a neighbouring Census Metropolitan Area (CMA) and the local Census Division (CD), which allows for better search results in rural areas of Canada.