Coming soon you’ll be part of the Thrive talent pool, where your professional attributes (minus your personal details for confidentiality) will be accessible to recruiters seeking candidates with your skill set.


See below for some answers to commonly asked questions:


1. Who are the recruiters that will have access to my resume?

  • The recruiters are companies from various industries, hiring for several opportunities with access to Thrive.


 2. When will recruiters be able to see my profile/resume?

  • Spring 2024.


3. If my information is anonymous, how do recruiters reach out to me?

  • Recruiters will be able to contact you by using their Thrive platform. This message will be sent to your email and you can respond if you are interested directly from your email.  


4. How can we opt in/out?

  • Coming soon: You will be able to opt out in your account settings. Should you want to opt-out now, please contact


5. What does it mean to publish my resume? 

  • Soon you will be able to choose which resume(s) to make searchable by recruiters by publishing your resume from the Review page in Resumes. Unpublish any resume(s) that you do not want to be found. Based on the search criteria entered by the recruiter, the closest matching resume will show to the recruiter. This allows you to have customized resumes for more than one job profile. 


6. If I opt out, do I need to unpublish my resume(s) too? 

  • No, if you opt-out, your resumes will no longer be searchable.