Click on the Resumes tab.

You will have 3 options available:

  1. Start with AI - start here if you do not have a resume, or don’t know where to start. 

  2. Upload a Resume - if you have a resume already created, upload it here to edit, review and use as needed within Thrive.

  3. Create a Resume - start here if you want to write your resume from scratch. 

Start with AI

You will need to input a few details in either paragraph or point form to have this tool generate a new resume. From there, select a template and review the generated resume. 

Upload a Resume

To upload your existing resume, select Upload Resume and find your file on your computer. From there you will see your resume on the Resumes page, ready for review and editing. 

Create a Resume

To start a resume using a Thrive template, select the purple "Create Resume" button from the Create a Resume with a Template box. You can then choose your template, and start inputting your desired information.